Saturday, September 6, 2008


I don't really read Portuguese, so I don't know what this blog is addressing, completely. I do know he(or she) is posting really interesting photo's of what appear to be traditional or traditionally inspired workboats from Brasil. Even if you have no Portuguese it's worth a look, there are some magnificent boats there. Maybe Peter Mirow (of ARPEX) could help.
Peter has replied to me that these are indeed a collection of workboats and that the blogger is a working skipper, hence the sporadic nature of the posts. All I have been able to decipher from the the title, putting it through translation utilities on the net, is that it is something about 'hoist the candle'. Peter? Anyone?

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Enter Miles said...

Hi Thomas,

the blog "Saveiro de Vela de Içar" is dedicated to all sorts of brazilian sailing workboats. The blog describes the various models, their intended use and specifics of the construction. And he has all those great pictures!

The blogger is Atila Bohm, a professional skipper, which might explain long pauses between posts). He lives in Salvador da Bahia. A place with plenty of sailing workboat heritage.