Thursday, September 11, 2008

Can't believe I missed this

I spoke to Grant Gambell of Gambell & Hunter Sailmakers up in Camden, Me. I had written about them before in connection with an electronic exhibit on them at the Maine Memory Network (see earlier post below). I was talking to Grant because I wanted to buy his sail repair kit. I've been looking around and his is not only a good deal, but I would be supporting a traditional sailmaker as opposed to West Marine, who offers 1/2 as much and charges twice as much. We were discussing my article and he asked if I'd seen the website he put up on A.P. Lord, the original sailmaker in this loft. I wasn't sure. So after the call I checked, no I had not seen it, and it's deep and rich and well worth a look. I'll let you find it as I did, click the link above for the repair kit, go to the bottom of the page. By the way, the sewing machine is Mr. Lord's, still in use and making the products on the canvas page. Enjoy.

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