Saturday, September 20, 2008

Microcruising, Part One (well, actually, two)

Bill Seargent has a very informative, information rich website for small sailboats and cruising them. He's owned a lot of boats over his lifetime but seems to currently be most taken with Matt Layden's Paradox design. That's Bill with his self built "Faith", and cruising the Suffolk coast, his home cruising ground. Alastair Law, also in the UK, built and sails "Little Jim", the interior of which we see at the top. These and other Paradox can be found in a special section devoted to the boat on Bill's website. This site is full of useful info for microcruising, extensive lists of boats and other resources, building process of several builders of different boats, with photo's, and more.


William Serjeant said...

Thanks for that Thomas. Al Law was the first in the UK to build a Paradox sailboat. Derek Clark built the next which is now in Norway and others are being built here. I'm really pleased with mine which is easy to sail, cheap to keep and maintain.


Thomas Armstrong said...

Bill, you are more than welcome, thank you for your generosity. I've seen some videos of Faith sailing at the Microcruising site, tried unsuccessfully to upload them, which is a common problem with blogger.