Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jose is in!

Jose finally went in Tuesday morning and Jasper and I went down to fire up the new diesel. She started on the second pop, but eventually would die . Repeatedly. We suspected air in the fuel line and tracked back to the source of the problem, a compression fitting coming off the fuel tank had split almost it's entire length. Diesel all over. Amazing that the engine ran at all. Well, it's simple enough to fix and we need to replace some old pitcock valves with ball valves in the fuel line anyway. Were heading back down to North East either tomorrow or over the weekend, a couple of hours of work, an hour or so to begin breaking in the new diesel and then, with some wind, a sail.

This is the new Beta 20HP diesel engine — made in England and modified for an Atomic 4 footprint that replaced a Westerbeke 26HP gas engine (22-years old). The Westerbeke needs some gaskets replaced but is available. Interested parties email me and I'll put you in touch with Jasper.

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