Friday, September 26, 2008

Frank and Margaret Dye, or Macro/microcruising (part 6)

Frank and Margaret are perhaps the ultimate Microcruisers. They have taken their little Wayfarer dinghy (15'10") to some places and on some cruises most folks wouldn't or couldn't do in a larger boat.  Seemingly fearless, they have not been , but have believed that adequate preparation will see you through most eventualities. And so it has been for them. The first book I ever read about sailing adventures was Ocean Crossing Wayfarer and I was electrified by it. I am currently reading Margaret's book on dinghy cruising, with an eye to prepping  the Daysailer I'm working on. I recommend it. To anyone sailing a small boat.  Frank made some amazing voyages to Iceland and Norway as well as on the Atlantic Coast of the USA and elsewhere.You can find here a great video of the voyage from northern Scotland to Aalesund, Norway. I will warn you to turn down your volume as it's very loud. Margaret has also done phenomenal cruises on her own and together with Frank. A very interesting couple who have given great inspiration to the cruising community in general and dinghy cruisers specifically. Their achievement, together and individually, is immense. The top photo is not the Dye's boat but does show the kind of boom tent Frank and Margaret designed for the Wayfarer.


Hazel Dooney said...

this micro-cruising series is truly excellent and it's great to see Frank Dye, maybe the bravest or most foolhardy small boat sailor ever, remembered!

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful series on sailors who really deserve greater recognition for their feats not only of adventure but seamanship and design and ingenuity. They really express the Pardey "Go now!" philosophy in its purest, simplest form.

Anonymous said...

This is the famed Frank Dye video in its entirety!