Monday, September 22, 2008

Microcruising Part Three

Dave and Mindy Bolduc are exemplars of microcruising. They have a website devoted to microcruising and do quite a bit of it themselves. Little Cruiser, a Matt Layden design, also built by him, top two photos, they own and have cruised to the Bahamas from their native NC. at least 7 times. Swamp Thing, a much smaller design, they now own and are restoring, if I've got it right. They have an update on their restoration and other interesting bits here. They also are the conduit for Matt' plans if you want to build a Paradox. Their website is the main portal to Laydens work and has great links, cruises they've done, study plans, sketches,news and forums.
You can order plans for Paradox, and probably other craft by emailing them here: The plans for Paradox are $40. A steal. 12 pages. From David:Though no step-by-step 
instructions are included, you can obtain an excellent building guide from 
Don Elliott,  at or This booklet 
first appeared as a 16 part series in "Messing About in Boats," and it is 
worth getting if you are at all serious about building this neat little 
boat. Payment for the Paradox plans can be by money order, bank check or 
Paypal ( . Happy building.

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