Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oughtreds En Masse

Ed Armstrong's Acorn Dinghy

Here on her home waters, Lake Wright...

in the Seirra Nevada mountains.
courtesy Ed Armstrong

Nick Coppin's Tammie Norrie ''Christopher" on Beale Pond June 2008.

And here.

Chris Perkins' Stickleback canoe 'Stangarra' at the UK HBBR Barton Broad Rally

Dave Wallwork's modified Puffin 'Lucia' at the UK HBBR Barton Broad Rally, proud builder posing!


Tim O'Connor's Acorn Skiff 'Ardilla', first time afloat at the UK HBBR Barton Broad Rally

Tim O'Connor's Acorn Skiff 'Ardilla', in full flight on the Broad, UK HBBR Barton Broad Rally

'Caitlin' and ' Scotch Mist' on the beach at the UK HBBR Cobnor

Graham Neil's lovely Whilly Tern 'Caitlin' at the UK HBBR Cobnor meet

Chris Perkin's Humble Bee 'B. Monticola', first time on the water at Beale Park Boat Show, grandson Liam at the oars for the first time

A very special moment, Iain visited in May this year and was kind enough to try my build of his Stickleback design, as the snap shows, for him, she sat lightly on the water and seemed to fit like a glove - a far cry from the effect my bulk has on her! As far as I know she was the first Stickleback to be launched, apart from Iain's build I know of a couple of others on the way.

Chris Perkins' MacGregor sailing canoe ' Scotch Mist' on Beale pond in the hands of John Greenford, the first time she had been sailed.

Chris Perkin's MacGregor sailing canoe ' Scotch Mist' on Beale pond , June 2007, probably his favourite shot of her

Badger Skiff, Francis Raynes First prize-winning entry in the WaterCraft Amateur Boatbuilding Competition at Beale Park Boat Show 2006

Nick Coppin's Humble Bee ' Little Nell' at Beale Park Boat Show

'Gilly B' a Tammie Norrie by Paul Bennett at the Beale Park Boat Show

Graham Davies taking his Badger Skiff 'Talpa' for her maiden voyage, UK HBBR Cotswold Water Park Rally

Dave Proctor's Ness Yawl 'Iona' on the UK HBBR Thames Raid

Richard Rooth's Elf 'Inwe' on the UK HBBR Thames Raid

photos courtesy Chris Perkins

In response to a recent request for photos and stories from owners/builders of Iain Oughtred designs, I recieved photos from two parties, one indivdual owner, Ed Armstrong and one from Chris Perkins aka strathkanchris. Ed Armstrong hails from Northern California and sent these of his Acorn Dingy's home waters on Wright's Lake in the Sierra Nevada range. Chris Perkins has built several Oughtred boats, lives and buildson the northwest coast of Scotland, (near the area where I enjoyed a beautiful long summer in 1976) and has sent photos of some of his and of many others from friends and co-obessives who also own Oughtred boats. As Chris says:

"I am lucky to be able to count the majority of these builders as good friends, it makes a huge difference to be able to share one Obsessive Compulsive disorder with other understanding souls."



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Outstanding, Thomas!! Thank you, and all your generous readers!

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very beautiful little vessels!!!