Friday, August 7, 2009

Kayak 3.1 Contemporary Builders: Sean Gallagher and Anayak Kayaks

Sean's apartment in Seattle

Sean's old workshop



Harvey Golden in his living room with Sean and a King Island Kayak

A King Island replica underway

Drumming circle

Sean and his father enjoying whale meat at a gathering of King Island dancers.

all photos courtesy Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher builds kayaks. Especially King Island kayaks, and shares his knowledge with others through workshops. Sean says that he is the sole remaining member of the King Island Tribe. He believes he is the only Native American builder of kayaks who is at least partially making his living doing it. His website is a thing of beauty, as are his boats. Sean shared some photos with me, both of a professional nature and some more personal images. If you live in the northwest or would like to travel there for a workshop, chances are Sean can accommodate you. Or, if you'd rather forgo the travel, Sean will personally consult with you and craft the traditional kayak you've been dreaming about. There's much to be said for working in a tradition to which you are a rightful heir. Sean learned kayak building from his uncle and is keeping his tradition alive. Engage with him.


Anonymous said...

The wording is a little off. If he were the only King Islander left, then his family would not be in the picture. He is the only one building kayaks however. Interesting blog

stickler for facts said...

OH Ya that is not a drumming circle either. They are simply drumming and singing in the traditional way.