Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Simply the Best, part two: Sister's

Ok. I asked for reader help in deciding what to enter for Tillerman's competition Simply the Best, but on very short notice. No response so I'm going ahead with my favorite. This post was "simply the best because it featured two exquisite small, light displacement boats, one of which, I feel sure, influenced the other. Both great achievers, both by brilliant designers. Evolution."

On the other hand, I also really liked the post on the Mary Whalen and portside NY because Carolina's doing some good work and the Mary is  a sweet thing. Guess it's too late to change as I've already posted my info w/ tillerman and it's almost 10pm. New Years eve and I must go to dogsit and party and cook etc. But I really like the Mary post too. Happy New Year/Solstice etc. to any pagans out there.

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Tillerman said...

Thanks for the contribution. Sorry I missed you off the first version of my summary of Simply the Best but you're in there now.