Monday, December 22, 2008

the Greenlanders, Jane Smiley

Eriks homestead at Brattahlid courtesy.

courtesy Amazon

photograph courtesy © Gerald Zinnecker all rights reserved

While doing my research on the eastern Arctic boats I was reminded of a novel I read two summers ago by author Jane Smiley, The Greenlanders. It's the story of the Norse settlements on Groenland and their demise. An 'epic' novel, it's a gripping story and full of light and darkness. This book is historical fiction, well and meticulously researched, an informed guess about a dimly recorded effort at colonization by the Norse Vikings. It is, to say the least, gripping. Inspired by the Icelandic Sagas (click title bar) , I couldn't put it down. Jane Smiley has done an amazing job of re-creating this world and it's eventual decline. Worth your time, and then some.

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