Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kayak part 1.1 the Historians: Alaskan Digital Archives

Eskimo Hunter, Nome, C.1913 photograph George A. Parks courtesy Alaska State Library.

Eskimo boy with kayak, photographer undocumented, courtesy Alaska State Library.

Hunter with seal and kayak, c.1913, unattributed photographer, courtesy Anchorage Museum at Rasmusen Center

Kayak and fish drying racks, Unakaleet.  1938, Ray B. Dames, Ickes Collection, courtesy Rasmusen Center.

 Tents, Inuit working, c. 1867-1896, Ooglaamie, Point Barrow.  Patrick Henry Ray, Elmer E. Rasmusen Library, University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Kayak making, Mekorkuk, Nunivak Island, March 1943, George D. Allen.  courtesy, Alaska State Library.

Nome, Alaska, Nomen Bros. c. 1913-1939 John Zug collection, Elmer E. Rasmusen Library, University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Kukokwim River, c. 1930-1959, Kay J. Kennedy Aviation photograph Collection, Elmer E. Ramasusen Library, Unversity of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Brother John the archivist sent me this link and I couldn't resist. These images all come the Alaska Digital Archives and I have taken them without permission. Because permission  from large institutions can take a long time, and sometimes, money. I have done my best to credit the photogapher, where it was possible, and the libraries, always. This is an ethical issue, and my brother would probably argue the other side, not to put words into his mouth. If you have an opinion, please weigh in. Otherwise just enjoy these fine photographs of Alaskan Inuit doing their thing. And be sure to visit the archives.

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