Friday, December 5, 2008

tugster, a waterblog

Kristin Poling, 1934
Mary Whalen, 1938 & June K
Onsust, 16th C. replica
Nissan Ocean Spirit, right
John B Caddell, 1941
all photographs courtesy Will Van Dorp

Will Van Dorp is a denizen of the NYC waterfront with a special passion for tugboats. He weblogs about the waterfront surrounding New york City, which he calls the sixth borough, and besides tugs he writes about and photographs all kinds of working watercraft, often with stunning portraits of the industrial maritime. Not strictly limited to these craft he also features working sail from the 19th C. and replicas of even older boats and ships, building projects and restorations. Viewing  his work one understands his interest and passion to the point of contagion. If you don't already have an interest in these vessels I challenge you to spend some time with his site and not come away with an altered viewpoint.  His blog also has a prodigious number of links to maritime sites.  The Mary Whalen (second photo from top) is celebrating her 70th tomorrow! in New York. She is the home of PortSide New York which endeavors to bring about a cross fertilization between landbased New York and the maritime community to the benefit of both. Come to the celebration, RSVP. Come smell the diesel.

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