Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Tale of Two Sailmakers

You'll find a small but elegant exhibition at the Maine Memory Network, an online gallery hosted by the Maine Historical Society. It celebrates the work of two Maine sailmakers, Amos Perkins Lord (1868-1957) and Grant Gambell of Gambell and Hunter Sailmakers. Working a lifetime apart out of the same loft in Camden, Grant rented the loft from Jesse, Amos' stepdaughter, who kept things going after Amos' death. After Jesse's death in 1981 Grant purchased the loft and house on Limerock Street in Camden. The exhibition showcases a selection of their tools, some of which are still in use today. I've been reading "The Sailmakers Apprentice" and found these tools especially handsome. For those of us who love Maine, this site is a find. Take a look.

Kathy Amoroso at the Maine Historical Society requests I include this, which I do gladly:

The Maine Memory Network, launched in 2001, is a statewide digital museum that provides access to over 14,000 historical items from over 180 museums, historical societies, libraries, and other organizations from every corner of Maine. The site was developed and is maintained by the Maine Historical Society in Portland. On MMN you can see rare photographs,documents, maps, letters, and artifacts; explore online exhibits; access resources for teaching Maine history; and learn about how you can participate and help preserve Maine history. MMN receives over 19,000 visitors per month and has enabled dozens of small, rural organizations to establish a presence and share their collections. It's a great resource for historians, publishers, genealogists, and has become a critical piece of the state's cultural infrastructure.

And she's right.

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