Sunday, August 3, 2008

Daysailer 1 refit

As mentioned in my profile, I am (slowly) bringing this old boat back to life. This boat has been sitting right where you see it for about 30 years but seems basically sound. The spars were on the ground but overgrown with ivy, and in rather good shape, considering. Most of the boat is there and intact, though unfortunately the floorboards were tossed. Even the sails seem to be ok, except for needing one small repair. I've removed the fittings from the mast and cleaned it up, refinished the cockpit coamings and tiller, the centerboard was not in great shape but I've ground out the worst cracks, emptied it of water and begun to epoxy coat it. I've stripped and sanded the hull below the waterline. Got the first coat of paint on this morning. She'll get four coats of marine alkyd enamel to seal the fiberglass and all hairline & spider cracks, then a coat of copper antifouling. Sanding between each coat. The title link will take you to more photo's and I'll update as progress is made. What's left? New standing and running rigging, sail repair, tap all mast and boom fittings for new screws one size up, clean up rudder, finish the centerboard, and the rudder, and put it all back together. At some point I'll rebuild the floorboards, probably in 3"x1/2" teak as I found a good source. they won't be an exact duplicate of the originals but shouls function just fine. Oh yeah, there is a rumor of a small, period outboard, which I have yet to locate. And I need a trailer. Anyone who'd like to get rid of a trailer for a 17' centerboarder, email me.

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