Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In Memorium

This is Zeke, and despite her name, she was a female. In this picture she's talking, probably about her job, which apart from fiercely defending her family, was to catch, in her mouth, the TENNIS BALL, and return it, And do it again, NOW!...She had a great life and loved and was loved intensely. She was my best friend, though for the last few years I've only seen her once a year or so, she moved to Kennebunkport Me. with my former wife and her new family. But whenever I visited she got so excited to see me that she wiggled and shook and pee'd on the floor. She passed away in February of this year and Brenda tried to tell me then, but...anyway I just learned about it this week, but I think I knew intuitively. Few who met her will ever forget her. She had a long, rich life and I am still mourning. Here's to Zekeur.

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