Friday, August 15, 2008

Pearson Electra? on Ebay

Can't be sure but this looks like a Pearson Electra, 1962, and both the Electra and the Ensign were in production by then. The ad says 22' but both boats were 22'6", with the major difference being that after the success of the Electra, legendary designer Carl Alberg was asked to redraw her as a racing/daysailor with a lengthened cockpit, a cuddy and reduced accomodations. Apparently customers were clamoring for this. That doesn't look like a cuddy to me, so I'm pretty sure it's the Electra. Either boat is an Alberg classic and were very sturdily built in those days. Last time I looked the only bid was $10. She looks a bit scruffy, but at $10., someone could afford to invest a little in restoration. Someone should.

I cant's seem to link to this boat directly, so go to ebay motors, sailboats, and find her.

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