Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Jumbo Celeste at Newlyn. Imagine fishing from this boat for your livelihood!

Celeste on the hard

Jumbo # 2 taking shape, the William Paynter to be launched June 12 2010

William Paynter oiled and ready for fitting out

above photos courtesy Jonny Nance

Jonny Nance, the driving force behind the St. Ives Jumbo Association reports that the second Jumbo replica is nearing completion. Jumbo # 2 will be named William Paynter "after the renowned St.Ives boatbuilder who left us a book of drafts including one for a jumbo for 'John Uren and others'. It was very unusual to record drawings of boats at this time and so this book (rescued from being thrown away by my grandfather) is crucial to our knowledge of local boatbuilding in the second half of 19th Cent". His plan is to raise awareness and community involvement vis a vis local heritage by forming a Jumbo class and racing the boats. More interesting, to me and globally is his long range intention, after engaging local attention, is an initiative to demonstrate the viability of a return to fishing under sail. Though this may seem radical to some, well.. it is, in the truest sense of the word, which is a return to roots origins. Fishing under sail is a way to reduce trawler and other mass 'harvesting' from the sea and allows for sustainable practice. While not yet widely accepted, the idea is gaining groud, for example the British Parliament has opened a design competition forboat designer's working with the concept. Read more here.

At Bray locks, river Thames

Ness yawl Clodia along the Thames

Man on the River at Marlow lock

and here
above photos courtesy Giacomo De Stefano

Giacomo De Stefano's voyage across Europe has begun. His initiative, called Man on the River, a 5200 km journey across the rivers of Europe, by rowing & sailing, to talk about water protection, sustainable tourism, local economies. I have written about his endeavor here and here.

I was recently contacted by Midori Matsuyaga with Oline Outreach at the Nature Conservancy asking if I'd like to participate in this years Earth Day with an emphasis on minimizing impact on our Oceans. I am enthusiastic about this. I'm putting forward here two initiatives which I feel are important in this regard, and also publishing a list of five things we can all do to minimize our impact on oceans. Please read above about the two projects which I feel are making strides to protect and preserve our water, as well as putting up the Nature conservancy's list of things we can all do to help minimize impact on the 70.8% of the world we inhabit.

Top Five Earth Day Actions:

1. Use reusable bags; hundreds of thousands of marine animals die every year from ingesting plastic bags.
2.Eat sustainbly; you eat fish even when you don't, 38 % of world
fiheries catch is used to feed farm animals.
3.Green your gardning; plant native species, they take less
fertilizer which can seep into oceans!

4. Adopt a coral reef; 70% of Earth's coral reefs will be destroyed by 2050-act Now! /

5. See oceans, Save oceans; See 'OCEANS' ( 4/22-4/28) and a portion of the ticket price benefits the Conservancy's work on coral reefs.

6. *Bonus-general Earth Day messaging; It's time to celebrate Earth Day's 40th anniversary, were asking you to help protect oceans.

I apologize for the typological errors above, but I've had lots of trouble with trying to include the Earth Day list in my post, and I'm not sure why. I had the post ready this morning and it wouldn't post because of some html problems. I seem to have fixed most of them, but two of the five on the list are seemingly unfixable. So just click the links to get the info. Sorry


Bursledon Blogger said...

Wow Giacomo must be having a great time, years ago (many years ago) when I was a student I had a job as assistant relief lock keeper, I worked on all the locks between Cookham and Bell Wier - Bray was one of my favourates.

I've been talking about sailing and rowing the Thames from source to mouth must get around it it.

Dave Coulter said...

Some great suggestions for Earth Day!