Thursday, June 25, 2009

Design request

I am looking for a designer who could handle an unusual request. I'd like a 19' to 21' cat yawl junk rigged twin keel stitch and glue designed for the amateur builder. Small cockpit and larger cabin. Bluewater capable. No engine, sculling sweeps acceptable. Reverse shear.

I put up a picture of Kite, a Robert Tucker designed Debutante, because she's the closest I've come.

Any ideas? If you are a designer and intrigued by this proposal, or if you are a reader and have knowledge of a designer who might take this on, email me. My email address is at the upper right of this page.


ccoh said...

Why not convert a Muscadet? Lots of them around.

françois schelameur said...

or maybe get in touch with g.montaubin who is a capable designer and builder ( would be a perfect choice for an innovative, light weight, minimalist, deep blue program.

Gavin Atkin said...

This certainly sounds like some boats I've seen in France, although I'm unable to locate any photos just now. One approach might be to commission a designer - a reworked version of this would fit the bill, I think:

Sam Lawrence said...

How About Bill Garden's 19 Foot Cat Schooner? It has an Engine but It probabaly could be removed. Accomadates two for a weekend.