Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Furled Sails Interviews

Furled Sails is an invaluable resource. They provide podcast interviews with many of the most interesting sailors out there if you are interested in cruising and smaller boats.  The most recent shows are with Marvin Creamer who made landfall in 1984 at cape May harbor NJ. ending a 17 month 30,000 mile circumnavigation without instruments. Not even a watch. Marvin and his crew read cues from stars, waves, and water color, bird life, cloud formations, the sun and planets, the horizon and identifiable landmarks. Just before Marvin is a couplet of talks with
  Jay Fitzgerald. These are in depth so be prepared to listen for awhile. There are also shows featuring Serge Testa, Webb Chiles, Sven Yrvind, Dave and Mindy Balduc, all folks you'll find here, as well as John Welsford, Watertribe, PeteGoss, the Pardy's and lots more. It's the brainchild of Noel Davis , who shares his microphone with Kristy. Devote some time to this.

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