Saturday, October 18, 2008

Around Albion

Dylan Winters is cruising around Britain in a little 19 foot Mirror Offshore.  The design was commissioned by a  British socilalist newspaper, the Daily Mirror, in the 1970's as the yachtsman's equivalent to the VW, an everyman's boat.  Dylan say's he bought the boat for her impeccable socialist credentials. Whats interesting about this is that Dylan every few days posts a video postcard/travelogue to YouTube, sometimes with commentary, sometimes not. It's fun. His journey began months ago on the east coast of the Isle of Wight. He's put the boat up for the time being in Brightlingsea and is off to NZ for some filming about that nation and it's sheep. Over the summer he made good around 800 miles with much river cruising. He plans to resume in January, and reckons the whole trip could take up to three years, depending on his time out for work.
 In the meantime I plan to catch on this series of delightful vignettes. You might want to do the same, take a look.

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