Saturday, May 1, 2010

MOTR: Advenure truly underway

Out into the Thames estuary

Jacopo returns to Clodia after a time, unplanned, in the water

Whtistable Yacht Clup extended a warm welcome to the sailors

Clodia onWhitsable beach

Looking forward

all photos courtesy Giacomo DiStefano

Our Man On (about) the River, Giacomo DiStefano, is poised to begin what could prove to be the most challenging leg of his voyage as he sets out to cross the English Channel. He and his mate Jacopo Epis are currently in Whitstable, waiting on weather and a touch of bronchitis to clear. Remember this is in a 19' lug rigged open boat. The channel can get ornery, but the boat has a north sea viking heritage and Iain Oughtred's boats have a great reputation for seaworthiness, like their progenitors. It will be interesting to see how Giacomo and his Ness Yawl fare across the channel. Stay tuned here. Read all my previous posts on Giacomo's project here.

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