Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Request to Bolger Fans

courtesy Bill Samson

I'd like to ask readers who have built, bought or commissioned a Bolger boat to send me an email with your story and some photos. I'd like to do a small tribute to a great designer in this way as Phil worked so often with home builders in mind. Please send your stuff via email, available on the right. 
Bill Samson, a former editor of The Chebacco News and home builder of Bolger boats, as well as an avid skin on frame kayak builder, built the Chebacco seen above. Bill and I met through the Qajaq USA Greenland Forum and let me tell you, this man is a prolific boatbuilder (there are more  of Bill's Bolger boats and a reminiscence for later). 

Thanks Bill.

Send me your stories, and a couple of photos.

Michael Bogoger, aka DoryMan, wrote me suggesting I include designers influenced by Phil Bolger, and I agree! An oversight on my part. 

Let me hear from you!

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Tim Shaw said...

Hi Thomas-

If interesting, please check out - and share - my obit for Phil (, my tribute to him from last summer ( and a short piece on my first boat, a Gloucester Light Dory (

Thanks for this,