Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Karsten Petersen, Danish Seaman

Karsten at the wheel of the Nordboen

Schooner Nordboen

Deck of the Nordboen

Fishing schooner Styrvolt of Vejle

Coaster Birka

heading into a huge wall of water, the Storm

Greenlandic boy ina modern umiak




Macau boat people

wreck of the Captain Leonidas, Cotopaxi Bank, Straits of  Magellan

Karsten Petersen spent 37 years at sea, serving on a variety of ships, Danish merchant ships and ships flying other flags, and in the Royal Danish Navy and has sailed older tall ships in great variety. His website is a smorgasbord, a huge feast of maritime delight. In those 37 years Karsten visited ports all over the world, as well as more remote areas. Always taking photographs, always keenly interested in the cultures he encountered. Of particular interest to me was an immense cache of photos of Junks, and the people whose lives and work is so intimately bound to these boats. And apparently this is only the tip of the iceberg, Karsten has many more photos archived in his collection. What I've represented here is a smattering, a somewhat random batch of shots that interested me. 
Karsten is adamant about his copyright. He allowed me to use this material on the understanding that it's a non-commercial use, and he's been burnt before so please, respect his rights and if you'd like to use anything, get permission! You can spend hours on this website, be forewarned. It's astounding.

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