Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jette Bang 1914-1964

Knud Rasmussen house, Thule

Knud Rasmussen memorial stone, Thule

All photographs Jette Bang, 1936,  Courtesy Danish Arctik Instute

Jette  Bang was a Danish photographer who went out to Greeenland soon after being educated at Jonals Co. in Copenhagen. All these images were taken in 1936, in the Thule region, and believe me they are only a sampling. The archive of her work at the Danish Arctic Institute's photo arhcive  has about 12,000 images. From 1936 alone.  Jette was born in1914 and died in 1964. Her photographs are a testament to her humanity and insight. You'll find a biography of Jette and a picture of her from 1939 eating freshly killed "icebear" by clicking on the title bar or here. Liese Johnsen is a Danish eskimologist and has been instrumental in having this vast archive digitally scanned and returned to Greenland. I, for one, am deeply grateful for this work.


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absolutely fabulous archival fotos!!

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