Saturday, February 14, 2009

More light on the "Ahmad Bin Majid"

loading Warren's hulls for New Zealand

all photos Warren Matthews

Warren Matthews is a New Zealander who was having a Tiki 38 built at the same boatyard responsible for Creed O'Hanlon's Ahmad Bin Majid. He was just behind Creed in building order, but recently decided to remove his project from the yard in Thailand to his home area in NZ to complete his build. He recently wrote about his reasons for doing so here. Add that to this and this. The whole picture begins to clear a little. Or does it? Take a look at this thread on the Boat Design Forums last August. Warren is planning another post in a day or so to relate his on site observations at the boatyard.
Also here and here. (New 2/15/09)

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