Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kayak 1.6 History, the Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden, NL

all photographs courtesy Lyndon  Kearsley

The Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden, the Netherlands houses this stunning kayak  collection/display. Lyndon Kearsley, a British Islander living in Belguim shared these photos taken at the museum last year and recently posted them on the Qajaq Usa forum. He is promising more from his tour of kayak colllections last year. After seeing these photographs, taken in available light with no tripod, I asked Lyndon to tell me about his interest in traditional kayaks. He responded that... "I have a life long love of kayaks. My first was a canvas covered wooden one for my 6th birthday. My dad said I could paddle it once I could swim 100 yards. Didn't take long. Caught on to the skin-on-frame kayak culture having come across Cunningham's book. The internet did the rest. Once you have built one yourself visits to exhibitions such as Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden, Holland are an education. Genius in ingenuity, design and simplicity".
I'll say! Lyndon has promised more photos from two other museums. I'm looking forward to seeing them. You can view the entire album of kayak and kayak related items taken by Lyndon at the Leiden museum here .

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will said...

great pics. i had no idea this collection existed in leiden. thank you.