Monday, September 1, 2008

Little Sharpie

Sunday I was back at the yard where my friend Jasper and I finally completed preseason work on his Chesapeake32 'Jose'. She'll go in on Wednesday and then we can adventure. While there I revisited the little boat I'd posted awhile back. Someone is working on her with a grinder or strong sanding, taking off the paint and weathering. She's starting to look good in the raw. I'll soon talk to the yard attached to the boat to get some background but I now believe her to be a sharpie, with a skipjack bottom. She looks oldish and the boat was sheathed in glass below waterline. I found some informative photos on a thread in the Boat Design Forum, a modern build of a similar boat by a fellow usernamed Oyster (2006). No contact info but you can link the thread here. Go to the second and third pages for the photograph's of this new boat. The top picture shows what this more recent boat looks like now, on the water, and is probably a nice approximation of the older boat, but I'm not sure about the sail plan.

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