Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Return of the Oak King

photo courtesy David Coulter

This is basically my holiday greeting card to all who read this weblog. Dave Coulter is a horticulturist and environmental blogger in the Chicago area. While I almost never post about non sailing or boat related blogs, I feel David deserves your attention. His writing often obliquely addresses large issues. This single photo is an example. On the surface a simple reference to the pagan celebration of the Solstice, I think, on reflection, it has several layers of meaning. His website, osage +orange, is full of such insight. Informative, sensitive, sometimes poignant, he never screams his message, but it's there, and addresses issues we all face. This is a subtle website with a calm surface but a subtext that is a call to awareness. Thanks, Dave.

And wishing you all a sublime Solstice Season!


Dave Coulter said...


Thanks so much for your kind words. For what it's worth your blog inspires me to keep my dream to (someday!) build a boat on track. Happy Holidays to your readers!

Canoez said...

A very happy holiday to you!