Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bolger Cat on ebay.

courtesy ebay

This is a lovely Phil Bolger catboat for sale on ebay. Elegant beyond description, and offered at what seems a reasonable price. There are more photos on ebay, including the interior which is warm and inviting. I must say this boat has some of the sweetest, cleanest lines I've ever seen, in my humble opinion. Listed as Bolger design#373. Take a look. Here's the ebay blurb:

1989 Atlas Cat Sloop. Bolger design #373
Vehicle Description

1989 Atlas Cat Sloop. Bolger design #373, built 1989. Solid fiberglass. Length 35'4", Beam 8'6" Draft board up 2'3" Displacement 12,500#. Ballast internal lead 4,500# Vessel kept in excellent condition. Last bottom job March 2009 with Pettit Vivid. New running rigging. Aluminum spars and mast. One mainsail, 3 jibs, all excellent condition. Stereo CD, VHF, DF, Solar charger, Yanmar 2gm Diesel. Very fast boat, with the prettiest hull on the water. Be prepared to answer questions underway and at the dock. Wineglass transom. Bulkheaded engine room. Integral water tank. Full Blueprints. Coast Guard safety equipment, docklines, ground tackle, and fenders all included. This boat has low headroom, but is very big inside. 4 berths are 6'6" long, one of those a double berth, enclosed separate head, equipped galley, heater, custom teak boarding ladder, and the list goes on. This boat is insured for $26,000, and replacement cost is well over 90,000.

The dates on the pictures are not correct. These are recent pictures taken a few days ago.

I am going to be out of town until Monday. Any questions about this vessel should be directed to the owner. His email address is You will get same day replies.


Anonymous said...

copy these pictures through "print screen", and then "paste as a new image" (with PSP for instance)...
Eric, from France

Bursledon Blogger said...

I've just spent the last 2 weeks re reading Bolger's "Boats with an open mind" - he really knew his stuff even if not all of us like his boat like a brick concept -

Bolger clearly knew a thing or two about cat boats - you could buy it!!

Russ Manheimer said...

Satan, get thee behind me.

Bill Parkes said...

This his Palo de Agua design, I think