Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tucker Silhouette on ebay

This is an excellent chance to buy a classic Hurley built Robert Tucker designed Silhouette on ebay. Located Seattle area. I'd buy her myself if Seattle wasn't so far away or if I'd the dollars to ship. Bid right now is $225, but not much time left. For more, click title or go here. Someone please save this little gem. These rarely surface in the US.


Mike said...

Hi Thomas,

What a shame to see such a delightful boat being neglected.

My first ever cabin cruiser was a silhouette.
She was one of the original hard chined plywood versions.
Apart from being my very own little ship, she was great fun to sail.
Your post has brought back many, many happy memories of the countless hours of fun I had pottering about in her.

I bought her from a family, husband, wife, two sons and a large dog, who believe it or not had owned her and cruised on her for years.
Quite how they all fitted into her is anyone’s guess but they clearly loved her and enjoyed sailing her.
They had just upgraded to a Hurley 22 but were still reluctant to sell their silhouette and I was strictly vetted before I was allowed to buy her.

This is a perfect little first boat ideal for pottering and learning on.
Let’s hope that someone does buy her soon.
They won’t regret it and I'm sure they will have lots of fun.

This is too good a boat to be left on the beach.


tsunamichaser said...

Thomas - she sold for $430.00. I put in a couple of bids but limited myself to $300 - I got plenty of boats already. Sailed Ulua today in a nice breeze she is super fast!