Monday, April 6, 2009

Lots of good stuff lately

courtesy Webb Chiles

courtesy Webb Chiles

courtesy Webb Chiles

courtesy Blogfish

courtesy DoryMan

  • Some of the blogs I watch have been active over the weekend with some interesting posts. For instance, Blogfish on Chesapeake Bay oysters, Drifting Son with a video of  the late Terrence McKenna, and my favorite, DoryMan's post on Bill Clements build of a George Holmes inspired canoe yawl design Nord Vingen. Also not to be missed is Gary Dierkings short history lesson on Polynesian adoption of the sprit rig upon European contact at OutriggerSailing Canoes. Check them all.
Oh , I almost forgot, Webb Chiles has surfaced in the Virgins, with access to media, and now he's written about his  passage from south Africa to the Virgin Islands via Antigua (my favorite Carribean Island). Don't miss this.

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ah! love the sail image of your header!