Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Speaking of seasteading, Steve Roberts has been working out his own version/vision of nomadic lifestyle for over two decades, first on a recumbent bicycle and more recently on a variety of vessels. Artist, writer and editor, engineer and visionary, Steve is a cutting edge techno-nomad avantgardist who is exploring a lifestyle based on the sea and reporting back to us the results of his research. Two blogs and a website. I first heard about him many years ago from my brother, who is a friend of a friend. I was particularly engaged (infected?) by this short peice. I know from our communication that Steve is currently on a shakedown in Puget Sound, Gig Harbour today. Then heading "back to the north and wilder country". Follow his progress aboard the Amazon 44 steel raised-salon pilothouse cutter Nomadness here. http://www.nomadness.com/blog

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