Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chesapeake 32 Jose

My friend Jasper purchased this boat a few years ago and he's been making improvements ever since. She's a Phil Rhodes design and is hull #1 in a production series designed, at the time, for racing and cruising the Chesapeake. One of the earliest fiberglass hulls, built in 1958 in Denmark by Danboat and sailed to the US in 1960. I've been helping Jasper work on her from time to time and have been rewarded for my efforts with daysails and mentoring of my sailing abilities. He's the kind of guy who wanders off to fix something on the bow or down below and just says"Tom, you're in charge". Leaving me to figure it out, a great way to learn, Socratic method. We may be replacing his tired and dysfunctional Westebeke Diesel with a nifty new Atomic gas power plant this weekend. By the way, for those who love Scandinavian heritage, the boat was formerly named Vindalf.

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