Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mystery Boat


 all photos courtesy 'the seller'

Here's a little 23'er that I'm thinking about. She's quite lovely but the seller has little information on her other than that she was built in 1947 and has an Onan gasoline auxillary. Looks to be maybe a gaff cutter, with some keel and also a steel cb. She's located in the NE and probably reasonable, but a lot of work. I would like to know more before I bite. Please, if any of you recognize this boat or boat type and have any info on her please email me, my email is located to the left in my intro. Thanks to anyone that can help


Bursledon Blogger said...

Tom, she looks really sweet, make a low offer, get a survey from someone who knows about wooden boats, buy some paint and tools and have some fun.

Unknown said...

I agree she look like a sweet boat, and in better shape than many I have seen - I had a nice little 23 foot sloop way, way, back, and stern an rudder look familiar, but I think this one has some deadwood for the propeller shaft. Mine was originally centerboard, but at some point the bolted a steel plate for a fin keel through the centerboard slot and removed the cb trunk. Plumb or spoon bow - can't tell .... Looks like fun to me!

Thomas Armstrong said...

Tim, definitely a spoon bow, not plumb, but a rather slight or moderate spoon or curve to the bow. Plumb would be a must buy, but I still like her, has about a 3' 3.5' bowsprit which but only one headstay or forestay visible. As you suggest, there is a bit of keel, and also a centerboard, steel plate from what I can tell. There were more photos earlier on the web, which have gone.