Monday, December 14, 2009

Mary Ellen has been sold!

courtesy Mick King

Intrepid voyager Roger Taylor has been the subject of several posts on 70.8%. One of those articles revealed that Roger was willing to part with his classic gaffer Mary Ellen. It's my pleasure to announce that Roger has sold his boat, and done so through a connection made with the help of 70.8%. It took awhile, the original offering of the boat was put up in May, and the sale finalized, I think, in October. Both buyer and seller are reportedly happy. If you have a classic wooden boat, a traditonal small craft or a plastic classic you'd like to move, please write me with some details and maybe we can sell your boat as well. My email is listed to the right. Let me hear from you.

courtesy Hugh Bourne

courtesy Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor, skipper of Mingming, and author of Voyages of a Simple Sailor is reluctantly offering his 1934 Gaff Cutter Mary Ellen for sale. Roger is preparing to leave shortly for the Arctic Ocean on Mingming, and gearing up for the 2010 Jester Challenge. Here's the lowdown:

Mary Ellen was built in 1934 by Kidby and Sons, Brightlingsea, Essex. They were builders of fast smacks and built her to their own design as a gentleman's yacht for a local farmer. The hull shape is that of an Essex smack, but with a spoon bow and a transom stern.
LOA 38'
LOD 30'
Heavily double sawn oak frames, pitch pine planking, solid mahogany interior, all original. She displaces approximatly 7 tons, has 4 berths in 2 cabins, and a Vestus c.550.
Since 2000, Roger has been making steady improvements, including:
Refastening the hull with bronze screws.
A new hollow spruce mast and yard.
A new Douglas fir boom and bowsprit
New sails by James Lawrence of Brightlingsea
New hand spliced standing rigging
New blocks and running rigging

Roger has an extensive archive on the yacht, which has been cruised as far as St. Petersburg.

Asking £12,000. GBP, or just under $19,500. US.
Interested parties should contact me via email (available at the top of this page) and I'll put you in touch with Roger.

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