Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Small Craft Advisor

I am pleased to announce that 70.8% has been invited to contribute to the Small Craft Advisor's weblog. I will be sharing many of my blogposts with them, hopefully concurrently. If you are not familiar with the magazine, you owe it to yourself to visit their website, but really, this is a magazine best experienced in print. We share many interests, and most readers of 70.8% will find engaging material in their pages. Editors Craig Wagner and Josh Colvin are doing good work (and have been doing so since their beginning in 2000) and the magazine is obviously a labor of love. The primary focus of the magazine is on small trailerable craft with articles that range from how to's, improvements and maintenance, to boat reviews, cruising grounds and readers voyages, with a great group of contributing editors returning in each issue with new columns. If you like small boats... Enjoy!


timmynocky said...

Congratulations Thomas.

I'm looking forward to reading your contributions.


Canoez said...

Congratulations. It was nice to see Small Craft Advisor essentially fill the niche where Small Boat Journal used to publish. I look forward to seeing your posts

uurchin said...

Glad to see you will be able to spead even more boat joy in wider circles! Nice work.

Bursledon Blogger said...

More congratulations Tom, I used to be an avid reader of SCA, but eventually the frustration of seeing all those fantastic sailng locations and being too far away got to me - maybe I'll renew mu subscription Max

Unknown said...

Also, I like your new header.

Schacht Marine said...

Congrats on this Thomas. SCA has been developing nicely, and I'm pleased it is a local (Pt. Townsend, WA) based outfit. Thanks also for the recent comment on Schacht Marine.

Cheers, Michael