Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jack Tar Calendar

Meegan in her foul weather gear

Align CenterLia

Captain Amanda Rose

Images courtesy Jack Tar Magazine

Kim Carver over at Jack Tar has put together her 2010 Calendar. As before, it's stunning, and remember these are all working sailors. Kim is doing her best to help folks bridge the gap between learning and preserving traditional sailing skills aboard tall ships and having a viable life in today's economic world, which is a stretch. We may all need these skills or those who have them very soon so I'm urging you to support Kim in her endeavors. I've offered a couple of 'teasers' here, but go to Kim's site to buy the calendar and catch up on her projects. The calendar is definitely on my wish list.

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JT said...

Thank You for the post! The calendar is at and is only $16.99. There are also several calendars for $5.99 - your favorite shot + all 12 months listed below her.