Friday, October 15, 2010

Philadelphia Wooden Boat Festival

My rather clumsy composite of the basin at ISM

coming around the corner, first view

This Chesapeake Light Craft Skerry was built by the kids in the Urban Boat Works project in Camden, NJ, just across the river. the project is run by and energetic and savvy young guy named Jesus Castro. Sorry, no website.

Had to run into the museum for a moment and could not resist this sandbagger model.

The original Silent Maid being stabilized for exhibition in the Workshop on the Water, the museums boatshop.

the Maids portentous bow

The fact that she is deemed beyond a full restoration occasioned the building of the new replica, also Silent Maid, which has just spent the summer cruising and racing all over the Northeast Seabord under the guidance of head boatbuilder John Brady, they had a great summer, read about it on the blog of the Catboat Silent Maid

Sparkling waters gave the day a certain incandescence

Lined up like sentinels were some of the museums living watercraft collection.

One of the cast is the recently refurbished sharpie Fish Stix, her upgrade completed this summer

The sailor on the left is Pete Peters in his Delaware ducker, Thomas Eakins, with Mike Wick in Pepita on the right. The Olympia is the backdrop.

Here's another of the boats refurbished at the workshop this summer, Top Priority

Built by John Brady about 20 years ago, she just needed a facelift

and obviously got that

nice band provided entertainment, appropriately named Cabin Dog

Roger Pritchard sailing Wen Byars Urchin

Philadelphia's tall ship Gazela, as close as she could get

Standard, cliched photo, but nice nonetheless

Align Rightvisitors swarm the Gazela

Here's Gazela seen from the bow of Gwilin, Roger Pritchards H 28

Gwillan is immaculatley kept, a credit to Roger

Two nice rear ends (Gwillan, left and Little Key, right)

Little Key is the ships boat off the Kalmar Nyckel, these are all members of the Nyckel volunteer group,

Flying the Swedish colors. Kalmar Nyckel brought the first Swedish settlers to America, who established New Sweden, today Wilmington, DE

Old Town Canoe

Beautifully kept or restored or both,

See, it really is an Old Town. No idea who is owned by this canoe, but it sure is sweet.

Wen Byar and John Schwarzenbach....hangin'

John's Comet, in need of a bit of tlc,

which she's scheduled to receive by way of the youth program at the Workshop

The Philadelphia Ship Model Society is one of the oldest continuously active ship model clubs in the country. They have recently partnered with the ISM and showed up with a tour de force of both static and rc models.

Roger Pritchard in Wen Byars Urchin and Mike Wick in Pepita

Here's Mike coming up to the dock

Obviously, he's had a good sail

Bolger light schooner, newly minted, but with a long gestation period. This boat caught everyone's eye.

Artists Proof is 30' LOA and 25 LWL, though she doesn't look it. Only 4.5 ft beam waterline. These little beauties are reputed to be very fast

Owner/builder Pete Hoeltje allows this schooner was ten years in the making. Started when Pete was living in Florida, the boat just splashed about a month ago. "Life got in the way" was Pete's explanation. Designed by the legendary iconclast Phil Bolger, she looks to be an exquisite little craft. I am looking forward to a sail. Pete is the owner/operator of Big Pond Boatworks in Mahahawkin NJ. This week Pete is participating in the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race. Normally the province of much larger boats, apparently this year there are several entries in the smallest category, which Artist's Proof falls into.

all photos Thomas Armstrong

This year's was the fourth Philadelphia Wooden Boat Show, hosted by the Independence Seaport Museum. The show is building a following and seeing more traffic every year. While it's a little hampered by space for larger boats, the basin has plenty of room for small boats, and the location, with its proximity to center city Philadelphia on one side and the Delaware River on the other is urban spectacular. In sharp contrast to last years event which was overcast and drizzly, this years Fest was a dazzling clear fall day. This year also saw exhibits from the Philadelphia Ship Model Society and the Tuckerton Seaport. Philadelphia's Tall Ship, Gazela was also present, tied up to the quay on the outside of the basin. Good winds on the Delaware made for some great sails I'm told, though I didn't get out myself. No matter, it was a banner day and thoroughly enjoyable, a treat. Bring your boat next year and join us.


uurchin said...

Nice collection! The unidentified sailor is Pete Peters in his ducker, THOMAS EAKINS with the TE on her sail.

A. Gainza said...

Hey, nice photos. I'm building a Light Schooner from the P. Bolger designs, if you want to see my blog there are many photos of the construction progress. Thanks!!!

Fair winds!