Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Tiki in Thailand

The Ethnic Catamaran Company based in Pattaya, Thailand produces a nice site called a tiki in thailand. Mostly concerned with the building of a James Wharram cruising design, the blog also includes the occasional musings of the author. Creed O'Hanlon's company's mission statement includes not only building traditionally inspired pacific craft but also exploring the brave new world of seasteading and waterborne community. Ideas which I also find fascinating, but there really seems to be a dearth of information on the subject beyond what one can find about the Seasteading Institute, which seems a bit corporate. I suppose my vision, not refined or worked out at all, would be a bit more hippie, something like a floating New Alchemy Institute ala John Todd , et. al. Anyone out there who's interested in this, please post a comment! ps. the wonderful photo of a sqaull moving in off the North West coast of Borneo, above, I found at a Tiki., its origin is unknown. The dhow photo is also from the Tiki in Thailand site.

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